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Whether we bring a single class, a combination of offerings, or develop and deploy the entire event -- we are here to help your church, school, work-group, or kids club have the best experience possible!

We are 4:13 Fitness Club!

About Us


Our Mission

4:13 Fitness Club exists to help you enfold your physical self into your relationship with God.  Offering unique teachings and fitness opportunities designed to inspire you to your best life possible, we specifically design each event to incorporate and align your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  We seek to teach and to inspire people to know God personally, to steward well the gift of body God has given, and to worship God in body, mind and spirit.


Our Faith

We welcome the opportunity to serve anyone from any faith perspective, but our framework is Scriptural and based in Christianity.  Philippians 4:13 -- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me -- is our motto and provides the focus for all we do.  Each of our teachings and class formats are surrounded by, supported by and saturated with Scripture and Christian principles.  Please contact us if interested in our detailed Statement of Faith.


Our Services

4:13 Fitness Club comes to you -- your home, school, church or business -- to teach fitness classes, teach Scripture-based studies, augment retreats, or conduct entire retreats.  Our services are a la carte, making it easy for you to pick what you want for a 1-hour event or for a full-day retreat!  Click to see more about our Services Offered.  Expect each experience to bring you into the presence and awareness of God.


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