About Us


Our Mission

4:13 Fitness Club is designed to help each of us incorporate our physical selves into our worship of and pursuit of God.  We seek to steward well the gift of body God has given us and to worship Him in body, mind and spirit.  

Because we are a boutique, we care for each member individually -- both your physical health, as well as your spiritual health.  At 4:13, we embrace and seek to build up all of who you are!  We also care about families, offering many family-friendly classes as well as youth camps and classes.

Our Faith

We welcome anyone from any faith perspective, but our platform is based on Christianity.  (Please email or call if you wish to see specifics to our Statement of Faith.)  Philippians 4:13 -- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me -- is our motto and provides the focus for all we do.  

Interested in learning more about the underpinning theology of faith & fitness?  Check out Quench -- a 30-day devotional for those thirsty in body, mind & spirit.  

Our Services

4:13 Fitness Club offers proprietary 4:13 and Spin Therapy classes, along with more traditional Cycling classes, athletic-conditioning/circuit classes, Holy Yoga, Christian Taekwondo, Personal Training and more.  

Our equipment is top of the line, state-of-the art, brand new equipment.  Check it out at our Open Gym times!  We also offer youth programming, workshops, worships nights and much, much more.  Click on Offerings and Special Events for more information.

Our Heart

At 4:13, we long to see people fully alive!  In order to be fully alive, we need to be healthy and strong in body, mind and spirit ... and our bodies, minds and spirits need to be integrated and aligned.  Our hearts' desire is to create a place where this can happen!  Where we become strong and integrated in body, mind and spirit ... able to serve our God and our world in better and fully capacity.  

Non Profit Organization

4:13 Fitness Club is a ministry of ShemaFit, a qualified Illinois 501(c)(3), and therefore any and all donations are tax-deductible!  In addition to donations, we also graciously welcome volunteers!

As a faith-based organization, 4:13 Fitness Club wants to make our services available to anyone, regardless of economic status.  Curious?  Talk to us about:

  • our Scholarship program to qualifying individuals and families,
  • our Work-Trade options, and
  • our Tithe-Trade options for classes and memberships.