Class Types

4:13 Classes

Our proprietary 4:13 classes are whole body athletic conditioning workouts with strength and endurance emphases.  Two formats offered:   4:13 Circuit (more whole body strengthening) and 4:13 Shred (more fat burning/muscle preservation).

Cycling & Spin Therapy

We offer both a one-hour Cycling class and our proprietary Spin Therapy classes.  Both fuse faith & fitness through Christian music and motivational factors.  Spin Therapy is the most fully fused exercise-worship class experience.

Holy Yoga

Holy Yoga embraces the essential elements of yoga: breath work, meditation and physical postures. In Holy Yoga, Christ is the focus of our intention and worship.  Get ready to stretch and grow physically and spiritually!

Open Gym

Open Gym is designed to provide you the space to create your own workout based on what your body uniquely needs.  While trainers will be on-hand to offer tips and encouragement, this your time to workout by yourself or with your spouse, friends or kids.  Varying drop-in rates apply.

Youth Classes

With a big heart for the upcoming generations, we offer very affordable after-school programming (during the school year) and youth camps (during the summer).  Separate offerings for the 5th - 8th grade community and for the High School community.

Christian Tae Kwon Do

Partnering with IMPACT, 4:13 Fitness Club is proud to bring Christ-centered Tae Kwon Do.  Come discover how to train your body, focus your mind, and strengthen your Spirit while paralleling your walk with God with your journey as a martial artist.


Other Offerings

Drop-In Rates

Want to check it out or bring a friend?  Drop-in rates both for classes and for open gyms times are available (student & youth rates as well).

Scholarships & Trade Options

As a non-profit, we offer Scholarships for qualified individuals.  We also offer Tithe-Trade and limited Work-Trade options.  See Ashley for details.

Personal Training

Personal training that focuses on internal and external growth will be offered at varied rates.  Single-sessions and package deals available.

Nutritional Health Coaching

4:13 Fitness well be partnering with some fabulous nutritional health coaches to help you address your dietary needs and concerns.

Healthy Options

4:13 is happy to be partnering with some local healthy food & beverage vendors.  Come in to see and learn more!

Need Help?

Can't find what you are looking for?  We are happy to help!  Call 847-496-4995 or email us at