What does a "boutique" offer me?

4:13 Fitness Club is a boutique fitness studio.  As a boutique, we are able to offer personalized care, attention, modifications and support.  We are also able to develop a community of people -- a fellowship among our membership -- people who come together to pursue health and wholeness in body, mind and spirit.  In many ways, we are like a church community in a gym.

Do I have to be a Christian?

No!  We welcome anyone of any or no faith background.  We do talk about Biblical principles and Christian themes because we believe this to be the best foundation for life, but we do not require anyone to believe any particular thing.

Do you have child-care?

While we do invite kids ages 10 and up to join us in our pursuit of whole-self health, we do not provide childcare for children under the age of 10.

What if I am new to exercise?

We would be thrilled to help you!  All of our classes are taught by certified teachers/trainers, and they would love to show you modifications for every exercise!  We believe in meeting people where they are, equipping them for growth on their particular journey, and celebrating process!

What if I cannot afford your rates?

We long to be a place for everyone to grow in body, mind and spirit.  As such, we do have scholarship memberships for qualified individuals.  If you think this might be you, please stop by and speak to one of our staff.




What a beautiful class! The spinning was great, and I didn’t feel judged or condemned for not keeping up. Your words that “it’s our own race” were so, so encouraging! I’m just grateful for the experience!  -- Pam

Great First Experience

I totally enjoyed having the opportunity to try cycling!  Last evening was THE FIRST time I have been part of a faith-focused fitness effort.  God's presence was in the room! -- Patricia

Exercise & Worship

I have never come to exercise before and experienced a sense of worship.  -- Tom

Spiritual High

I left there on a spiritual high that is still with me today!  The focus, clarity, and sense of deep well-being is just wonderful!  Count me in!   -- Pat

Time Efficiency

I felt like I got a working, had time with God, and went to counseling all in one hour!  This is something right up my alley.  -- Sara

A Gift from God

Thank you for introducing me to Spin Therapy.   What a gift from God!  4:13 is a blessing to all who will experience it!   -- Suzie