Special Events

Monthly Worship Nights


At 4:13 we never want to forget Who we serve!  So the First Friday of every month, we gather as a community to worship together.  Check out our Online Schedule for this month's worship night.  Our worship nights are free and open to anyone!

Serve Nights


Another big priority of 4:13 is to serve the community around us.  We seek to regularly serve together -- whether within the doors of 4:13 or out and about in the community.  Check the Online Schedule to join our next Serving opportunity.

Teaching/Training Nights


Periodically, we will open the doors for a teaching/training night on a variety of subjects: theology, physiology, nutrition, supplements, etc.  Check our Online Schedule to sign up for our next Teaching/Training event.  



We will also offer a variety of workshops for various age and population groups -- from functionality workshops to nutrition classes to therapeutic yoga and much more!  You can find all of in on our calendar in Online Scheduling.

Healthy Cooking Classes


We have the wonderful opportunity to partner with local chefs and businesses like Cook, Cork & Fork  to offer healthy cooking classes!  Check out Online Schedule to learn more about our Healthy Cooking classes.

And More!


4:13 is always looking for new ways to partner with individuals, churches and other non-profits to serve the Palatine and surrounding communities.  Email us at info@413fitnessclub.com to discuss ministry partnerships!