What we Offer


4:13 Fitness Club offers classes designed to help each of us incorporate our physical selves into our worship of and pursuit of God.  Typically, we do this through a combination of movement and Scripture, as physical exertion often leads to an open mind and softened spirit -- ready to receive God in fresh and unique ways.

Available for one or any combination of the following Services, we welcome the opportunity to craft the right event or retreat for your group!

Presentations & Discussion Groups


Whether you want a one-hour speaker or a discussion guide, 4:13 gladly offers the following topics:

- Biblical Perspective of the Body

- What Does Faith Have To Do With Fitness?

 - Does God Care About My Body?

- What Does It Mean To Be An Embodied Soul?

- (Feel free to propose your own or ask for another topic!)



Recentering, refocusing, regrouping -- it all begins with the breath.  Our breathing workshops help you return to your breath and to the Source of your breath.  Using Scripture, music, breathing exercises and basic movements, this class brings you back to your center foundation.  Appropriate for all fitness levels.

4:13 Boot Camp


This is a Christ-centered, hold-nothing-back, full-body fitness class!  Combining HIIT, cardio and strengthening, this class is sure to motivate and remind you that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you (Philippians 4:13).  While we can adapt this class to all fitness levels, it is best received by groups with some fitness acumen. 

Spirit Flow


This Flow class is designed to help you return to your center, to focus on your firm foundation, and to flow with the Spirit of God.  Building and combining flow sequences, participants will move through various poses and stretches while being bathed in Scripture.  This format is perfect for all fitness levels.

Sacred Stretching


At 4:13, we believe that all bodies need cardiovascular, strengthening and flexibility exercise ... but we often see that most people don't take the time to stretch.  So we have created a class that inspires you to stay and stretch every part of you!  This format is suitable for all fitness levels.

Intro to Martial Arts


Learn the basic technique and movements in Tae Kwon Do while also discovering its connection with your Christian faith!  Strengthen your body, mind and heart while firming up your Christian values, self-confidence, strength and focus.  Appropriate for all fitness levels.

Real World Self Defense


Description forthcoming!

Cardio Combat


Combining kicking, punching and obstetrics training, this class will test your stamina!  Designed for those with some fitness training, participants will walk away better able to defend themselves and their faith!